Get the shots you never thought possible
with Liquid Sky Cinema and Cinestar 8.

Make an impact in
your industry with low
altitude aerial filming
and photography.

When the sky is the limit, we can go anywhere. Our equipment allows us to get a new perspective in aerial visuals. Whether it’s a marketing photo showcasing the view of a new condo unit, dynamic footage for a feature film, or an aerial tour of a luxury estate property, Liquid Sky Cinema delivers all the details in footage. No more imagining, we make it happen...

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Meet Cinestar 8.

At Liquid Sky Cinema, we specialize in low altitude aerial photography and cinematography, utilizing our remotely controlled helicopter, Cinestar 8, equipped with high resolution digital cameras. The Cinestar 8 provides a solution to the restrictions of operating at minimum altitudes for full size aircrafts. We operate much closer to the ground, offering higher resolution images and a unique perspective. Liquid Sky Cinema can position the cameras at the exact viewpoint needed for maximum visual impact...

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BeSteady One Combo

BeSteady One is a device which stabilizes the camera in three axis. Thanks to the application of advanced electronic systems, gyroscopic sensors, accelerometers and special software created by Aleksiej Moskalenko the device perfectly establishes the position of the camera. The functioning principle of the device is quite simple. Liquid Sky is proud to be the premier US dealer for the BeSteady product line.

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